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What are my prices?

I get asked this a lot. It’s often the first thing people ask when messaging me.

However I don’t discuss them until we have a zoom call.


Because you have not had chance to know the value of what you are getting.

If I tried to sell you a car and said it was £1000 (random figure not my actual price). But you can’t view it, you can’t talk to me about it you just have to accept that’s the price.

Would you buy it?

Of course you wouldn’t as you don’t know the value first.

It might be however, this car is the car you have been looking for all your life. Your dream car.

It’s value would mean more to you than someone else.

It may be that actually this car doesn’t suit you at all. That’s ok too!

But would you just ask for the price without seeing the car first and pay that amount? Without knowing what you are actually buying?


So that’s why I don’t give out my prices before discussing everything with you first.

Because at the moment you have no idea of its value to you.

And we both have no idea if you are a good fit to work with me.


If you have a phobia and want to get rid of it…

Let’s have a chat and I can let you know IF I can help first.

Then I’ll explain the value of what you will be getting.

Sound good?

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