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Working with me

I have a range of packages to ensure you get the best results from your time with me.  

Anxiety Package - x3 one hour sessions - £180 (details below)

Phobia Package - x2 one hour sessions - £120 (details below)

Single session - £65 

Anxiety Package 

This package will take you from where you are now (that dark horrible place) to where you want to be (happy shiny place). We will look at how your anxiety makes you feel and how you would like to feel instead. I will show you how to be in control of your anxiety and remove it whenever you want. We will reinforce this with each session and show you how you can be free from anxiety but also how to feel good about yourself and have more confidence. Finally i will give you a toolkit of techniques that you can use in everyday life to finally be able to say "i am in control of my anxiety" 

Phobia Package 

This package will finally free you from that phobia once and for all. You will no longer have that feeling inside when you think about or come face to face with IT. You will be able to normally deal with any scenarios with a sense of calm and control. This will be reinforced in the second session with techniques and tools you can use in day to day life so that you will be confident that its finally gone for good. 

Can i just book the one session?

Yes of course, however by committing yourself to more than one session you are committing to change and investing in yourself. This will ensure you have the best chance to change and to get the results you need. 


What if i am sorted in the first session?

If thats the case thats amazing! We will use the other session/s to reinforce the change, to build on it and ensure its long lasting.  

What if its not for me?

If at any point in the first session either you or myself feel hypnosis isn't right for you there will be no charge. 


The First Session 

The first half of the session we will discuss the reason for coming to hypnotherapy and the history behind the issue. There will be a small bit of paperwork to be completed for insurance purposes and if we are both happy to continue we will get to work. 



If a session is cancelled within 7 days of the appointment there is no fee, 6 days or less 50% of the session fee will be payable. 24 hours or less the full session price will be due. 

Will it work?

Will Hypnotherapy work with you? Read my blog post HERE to find out. 

How do i book?

If you would like to book one of the above packages please click below. I look forward to working with you.