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Nick, Exeter - Snake phobia

My session with Stuart was nothing short of incredible.  I have been intrigued by the thought of hypnotherapy after hearing of some of the work Stuart had done recently, curing a fear of flying among other things.  I went in with a phobia of snakes and by phobia I mean freeze in fear of seeing an Un-caged snake, severe anxiety in a reptile house, mild anxiety and queasiness watching a film with snakes in.  They would dominate my thoughts if walking in long grass.  

During the session I re-vistied the anxiety I have and the feeling in my chest of uneasiness, during an exercise I felt this anxiety leave my being and have watched this video since my session and have never felt calmer about a Snake video in all my life.  (I plan to visit Paignton zoo and visit the reptile house as my next step.)

The session itself was highly enjoyable, I was in control at all times and felt ultimately relaxed.

To anyone that is thinking about giving this a go, I would say take the plunge and go for it.  You will find nobody more professional then Stuart, and I strongly believe he has the skill to help you with any issue no matter how small or how big.


Helen, Exeter

Stuart is genuine and has a real sense of professionalism about him and yet can make you feel very relaxed at the same time.
I have had two sessions with Stuart so far and each session brought a new change to my outlook in combating my fear and I feel the techniques that Stuart uses have helped me to do this.
The atmosphere Stuart creates is relaxing and calming and I couldn’t recommend him more to people. Thank You Stuart.

Nova, Exeter - Spider phobia

I saw Stuart a month ago about my phobia of spiders, at first I didn't know what to expect but Stuart is amazing, not only does he help with your fear but he also helped me with other worries I had without being aware. Stuart makes you feel relaxed within a safe environment and would recommend this experience to anyone to try!

Emily, Exeter - Cats, Dogs and Wasp phobia

I went to Stuart for my fear of cats, dogs and wasp. I've always been sceptical about hypnotherapy but have heard a lot of good thing about it so thought I would give it a go.  My phobias have been dictating my life for much to long, to the point where I couldn't take my daughter to the park just incase there was a dog etc. I would get chest pains on just seeing one, and would always go out of my way to avoid them.

I saw Stuart about a month ago and I really can't believe the difference that just one session has done! Stuart was very professional and made me feel very comfortable which was appreciated. I have come across cats and dogs and not only have I not had the chest pains but I have carried on in my path and walked past them, being aware they are there, but not scared! I've even taken my daughter up to dartmoor and been round someone's house and sat down in the same room as a dog! (This has never happened in my 29 years of life!).

There are other parts of my life that I've noticed a change in, I am a complete introvert and would rather spend time in my own company than others, but sinse having the hypnotherapy I actually want to be around people which is a completely new feeling for me, my best guess was it was some kind of defence mechanism to keep me away from the dreaded question 'I'd love to come round for a coffee - oh wait, do you have pets?'. I used to get very anxious if I had to walk on the inside of a pavement incase someone opened their front door and a dog or cat came out, literally the day after I saw Stuart I was walking along and half way down the road I  realised I was on the inside and I wasn't even bothered. This is just amazing, it has really changed my life and can't be thankful enough to Stuart for helping me through it.

Alistair - Public Speaking fear

Stuart has helped me overcome my fear/ anxiety of public speaking. He has given me the confidence to be able to talk to a room full of strangers, without fidgeting sweating and generally panicking. His calm, confident easy manner make him very easy to talk and listen to. I would highly recommend Stuart.

Joe, Exeter

I thought it was really good and definitely worked! I was sceptical at first but Stuart made me feel relaxed and at ease. Stuart had the right amount of professionalism but also made it easy for me to talk to.

Tia, Exeter - Biting nails habit & help with studies

I went to Stuart to help me stop biting my nails and help me to concentrate and study in order for me to revise and get good grades on my AS levels

I went with an open mind and I didn’t expect much to happen, It wasn’t what I expected, it was very calm and deeply relaxing. When Stuart finished I didn’t think it had worked at all, I didn’t feel any different.
However I noticed that I was more aware of when I bite my nails and managed to stop completely. I have never had long nails and now that I have I paint them all the time.

With regards to my study, my mum and myself have noticed a huge difference in my concentration and focus, it really helped that Stuart made me focus on my future and what I wanted and in order to get there what I had 

to do.

I am looking forward to the new A level term in order to work hard and get good grades in order to go to university, without Stuart I would not be feeling this way.
So thank you , you have made a really difference

Liz, Exeter - Confidence

Having hypnotherapy with Stuart has improved my confidence and self esteem tenfold.Highly recommend Stuart.

I went to see Stuart as I have suffered with severe arachnophobia all my life, which was a struggle as I couldn’t even be in the same room as a spider if I had seen one.
I was very sceptical before going to see Stuart as I knew my fear was intense and I was also worried about the process as I had never had a hypnotherapy session before. When I arrived Stuart was very welcoming and put my worries at ease by answering all my questions and fully understanding me.
I had one session and since then my fear of spiders has completely gone.. and I‘ve actually managed to hold one, which I never could of done before!
I have been completely shocked at how much its worked, especially after only one session.
It has made my life so much easier and I can’t thank Stuart enough. I really would recommend anyone to go if they are considering it.

Abby - Pulling eyebrow habit

I had a habit of pulling my eyebrow hair out which was starting to become noticeable, i booked an appointment with Stuart after being recommended by a friend. I was a little apprehensive as i have never thought to have a session before, but Stuart explained every step to me and made me feel at ease and relaxed at all times. My session was 4 weeks ago now- and i haven't pulled my hairs out since we met, they are starting to grow back which i couldn't t be happier with. I've since told all my friends/family to book in to see Stuart and will always go straight to him if i ever feel like i need another session. One of the best decisions i have made!!

I saw Stuart today for the first time, mainly for fear of flying, but other anxieties too....I can honestly say I feel amazing and feel positive about getting on a plane in May! Start put me at ease and listened carefully as I explained my irrational anxieties!!!!! ;-) Watch this space for me getting on a plane in May...thank you Stuart 

Simone part 1 - Fear of flying main reason for visiting Stuart was my fear of flying, 10 days ago I put it to the test as I flew to Zante! I wasn't anxious about flying like I normally am, I was more worried about terrorism 😏 I usually sit white knuckles on the hand rests, eyes shut, sweating and feeling awful. This time on take off I had none of that....I looked out of the window, took photos and got up to use the loo! Landing is usually the same white knuckle job but no, I looked out of the window whilst coming into land, asking my husband if we always flew so low coming into land...his reply was "yes always but then you wouldn't know because your eyes are usually shut or you're crying!" Slight turbulence on the flight home which I usually cry at, sweat and have been known to faint....I just shut my eyes and pretended I was on a train! 😂 slightly clammy hands when the plane dropped a few times but nothing like usual! Thank you Stuart 

Simone part 2 - Fear of flying

My other half went to Stuart last Thursday about his phobia of spiders. He went in with his fear levels at 10 and came out at a 1! Amazing results!!! Could speak highly enough of the treatment he received. Thank you!

Amanda about partner Aaron - Spider phobia

Amy - Spider phobia

On Thursday Stuart helped me with my phobia of spiders! 🕷 I've had this phobia all my life. Every time I saw one my body would freeze and I would start to panic. (Sweaty palms & heart racing).

It's been 2 days and I'm actively looking for spiders. I even touched one and put it out the window as it was stuck inside the office! In my life I thought I would always be petrified of spiders but I'm not. 😁

It's absolutely mind blowing how he erased my fear in 5 minutes. I totally recommend Stuart it's incredible and life changing! ✔️ (I still think he has some sort of magic power)

Chris on behalf of family member - spider phobia

I have now seen Stuart's work at first hand and could not recommend him highly enough. I saw Stuart remove a phobia of spiders from a family member from a level 10 (where even a picture of a spider was petrifying) to 10 minutes later being a level 0 ( no fear in being able to pick a spider up). The results were quite amazing and almost had to be seen to be believed with just how effective it was. What I can say is that this will make a massive difference to this persons life.

Stuart was ultra professional and clearly has a passion for what he does.

I would highly recommend that if you have any phobias that you really want to rid yourself of, you will not find a quicker and easier way to do this than if you contact Stuart.

As most of you know (because I chat about it a lot!) I went to see a hypnotherapist about my singing and had a fantastic experience. If you are interested in giving this a go please look no further than my friend Stuart.

Charlotte - Confidence

Carolyn - Swimming / Sea / Fish Phobia

I have known Stuart for a few years as we trained in hypnosis together, whilst we were training I was a case study for him for a fear I had of swimming in the sea because of fish, I have not had the opportunity to test my fear until my recent holiday to Mexico, my first challenge was to swim with dolpins which felt easy as they were beautiful, but in with them swimming around were pretty big fish, but 👍that was fine. Than went to a fresh spring water park, and swam the full length of the park in a stream going in completely black tunnels not knowing what was in or around me 👍again that was good. And than my final achievement was I went ano brought a snorkel and my husband and I went snorkelling, and it was me who was following all the large fish and actually trying to touch them, it was amazing and my husband was so proud of me, and I was proud of myself.
So a massive thank you Stuart for not only being a good study mate, but also for being a fantastic hypnotherapist and you have change my holidays forever now.

Sadie - Spider phobia

I visited Stuart to try and combat my fear of flying. I was sceptical, but went with an open mind, figuring I had nothing to lose. After two sessions it was time to test it out and go on a plane. Previously I'd been prescribed medication to deal with the anxiety of flying and not being quite sure whether the hypnotherapy would really make a difference, I was prescribed medication for this trip. But I didn't need to take it. I was truly amazed at the difference - as was my husband. I was still nervous, but the anxiety was much less and I didn't have the need for constant reassurance that everything was ok, which I'd needed previously. Even landing in a storm and the pilot announcing he wasn't sure if he could land at the destination airport didn't faze me. I would genuinely recommend Stuart to others wanting to address their phobias.

Sarah - fear of flying

I went to Stuart to get help for my anxiety. I can’t rate it enough! I had this everyday and it started taking effect of everything I did but now I feel amazing. I finally wake up feeling fresh instead of dread! 

I have been living with this for just over a year but in one session it’s gone. I couldn’t believe how quick it happened and how amazing I feel now.

If you have any problems make sure you go to Stuart. (I swear he’s magic)

Megan, Exeter - Spider phobia

I cannot thank Stuart enough for his help with my spider phobia.
For as long as I can remember I have been absolutely petrified of spiders and it was really starting to take over my life so I decided now was the time to see if it would be possible to do something about it.
1 session with Stuart and I felt completely different about them. This week I have even caught 2 with my hands! That was never part of my plan, I just wanted to not have a panic attack when I saw one. 
Stuart is very professional and excellent at what he does.

Amy - Anxiety

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