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Fear of Flying Phobia

I saw Stuart today for the first time, mainly for fear of flying, but other anxieties too....I can honestly say I feel amazing and feel positive about getting on a plane in May! Start put me at ease and listened carefully as I explained my irrational anxieties!!!!! ;-) Watch this space for me getting on a plane in May...thank you Stuart 

Simone part 1 - Fear of flying main reason for visiting Stuart was my fear of flying, 10 days ago I put it to the test as I flew to Zante! I wasn't anxious about flying like I normally am, I was more worried about terrorism 😏 I usually sit white knuckles on the hand rests, eyes shut, sweating and feeling awful. This time on take off I had none of that....I looked out of the window, took photos and got up to use the loo! Landing is usually the same white knuckle job but no, I looked out of the window whilst coming into land, asking my husband if we always flew so low coming into land...his reply was "yes always but then you wouldn't know because your eyes are usually shut or you're crying!" Slight turbulence on the flight home which I usually cry at, sweat and have been known to faint....I just shut my eyes and pretended I was on a train! 😂 slightly clammy hands when the plane dropped a few times but nothing like usual! Thank you Stuart 

Simone part 2 - Fear of flying

I visited Stuart to try and combat my fear of flying. I was sceptical, but went with an open mind, figuring I had nothing to lose. After two sessions it was time to test it out and go on a plane. Previously I'd been prescribed medication to deal with the anxiety of flying and not being quite sure whether the hypnotherapy would really make a difference, I was prescribed medication for this trip. But I didn't need to take it. I was truly amazed at the difference - as was my husband. I was still nervous, but the anxiety was much less and I didn't have the need for constant reassurance that everything was ok, which I'd needed previously. Even landing in a storm and the pilot announcing he wasn't sure if he could land at the destination airport didn't faze me. I would genuinely recommend Stuart to others wanting to address their phobias.

Sarah - Fear of flying

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