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Spider Phobia Testimonials

Nova, Exeter - Spider phobia

I saw Stuart a month ago about my phobia of spiders, at first I didn't know what to expect but Stuart is amazing, not only does he help with your fear but he also helped me with other worries I had without being aware. Stuart makes you feel relaxed within a safe environment and would recommend this experience to anyone to try!

Megan, Exeter - Spider phobia

I went to see Stuart as I have suffered with severe arachnophobia all my life, which was a struggle as I couldn’t even be in the same room as a spider if I had seen one.
I was very sceptical before going to see Stuart as I knew my fear was intense and I was also worried about the process as I had never had a hypnotherapy session before. When I arrived Stuart was very welcoming and put my worries at ease by answering all my questions and fully understanding me.
I had one session and since then my fear of spiders has completely gone.. and I‘ve actually managed to hold one, which I never could of done before!
I have been completely shocked at how much its worked, especially after only one session.
It has made my life so much easier and I can’t thank Stuart enough. I really would recommend anyone to go if they are considering it.

My other half went to Stuart last Thursday about his phobia of spiders. He went in with his fear levels at 10 and came out at a 1! Amazing results!!! Could speak highly enough of the treatment he received. Thank you!

Amanda about partner Aaron - Spider phobia

Amy - Spider phobia

On Thursday Stuart helped me with my phobia of spiders! 🕷 I've had this phobia all my life. Every time I saw one my body would freeze and I would start to panic. (Sweaty palms & heart racing).

It's been 2 days and I'm actively looking for spiders. I even touched one and put it out the window as it was stuck inside the office! In my life I thought I would always be petrified of spiders but I'm not. 😁

It's absolutely mind blowing how he erased my fear in 5 minutes. I totally recommend Stuart it's incredible and life changing! ✔️ (I still think he has some sort of magic power)

Chris on behalf of family member - spider phobia

I have now seen Stuart's work at first hand and could not recommend him highly enough. I saw Stuart remove a phobia of spiders from a family member from a level 10 (where even a picture of a spider was petrifying) to 10 minutes later being a level 0 ( no fear in being able to pick a spider up). The results were quite amazing and almost had to be seen to be believed with just how effective it was. What I can say is that this will make a massive difference to this persons life.

Stuart was ultra professional and clearly has a passion for what he does.

I would highly recommend that if you have any phobias that you really want to rid yourself of, you will not find a quicker and easier way to do this than if you contact Stuart.

Sadie - Spider phobia

I cannot thank Stuart enough for his help with my spider phobia.
For as long as I can remember I have been absolutely petrified of spiders and it was really starting to take over my life so I decided now was the time to see if it would be possible to do something about it.
1 session with Stuart and I felt completely different about them. This week I have even caught 2 with my hands! That was never part of my plan, I just wanted to not have a panic attack when I saw one. 
Stuart is very professional and excellent at what he does.

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