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Stuart Heale, Phobia Specialist Exeter, Devon

about me

This is me, Stuart Heale from Exeter, Devon.

I have always found myself naturally being the person people turn to when they needed advice, help or guidance. I always found the right things to say to offer comfort to my friends or family when they needed it the most. 

My interest in Hypnosis started when i was young. I remember watching shows like Paul McKenna (Hypnotist on British TV from the 90's)  with intrigue and fascination. It wasn't until my 20's that i realised hypnosis could be used to help people using something called

Hypnotherapy = The use of Hypnosis for Therapeutic Results. 

I was excited and decided that i would combine my interest of hypnosis and helping people to make a difference in peoples lives. 

I have now spent many years learning and developing ways to help others. People just like you who are now free from their trauma  and phobias. It brings me great joy to see someone be free of a phobia or trauma and to being in control and having their life back.

I do this for you, to help and because hypnosis fascinates me in every way. It does take work and effort but if you are prepared to put everything you have into this then i will too.  

To see if i can help you click below.  

About me

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Session info

I don't work on X amount of sessions i work on getting you the results. The way i do that will be discussed on our strategy call. 

Sessions will take place online via Zoom video call from the comfort of your own home. 

I use various methods to get results with all techniques taught to you so that you can do them between sessions and beyond. My plan is to ensure that you no longer need therapy for this issue or any other issues that arise in the future. Because once our sessions are done, you will have learnt how to deal with negative thoughts, feelings and emotions no matter what they are related to. 

What are my prices? This is all discussed on the call. For more info on this read my blog post HERE.


Book a FREE strategy call with me HERE to discuss your issues and to see if i am able to help.


Session Info

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i am sorted in the first session?

If thats the case thats amazing! We will use the other session/s to reinforce the change, to build on it and ensure its long lasting.  

What if its not for me?

If at any point in the first session or within 24 hours either you or myself feel hypnosis isn't right for you there will be no charge/ or refund given. 


The First Session 

The first half of the session we will discuss the reason for coming to hypnotherapy and the history behind the issue. There will be a small bit of paperwork to be completed for insurance purposes and if we are both happy to continue we will get to work. 

Will it work?

Will Hypnotherapy work with you? Read my blog post HERE to find out. 

How do i book?

The best thing to do is book a FREE strategy call with me to see if i can help. Click HERE

do online sessions work?

Yes, they work just as well as in person sessions! Plus you don't have to leave the comfort and safety of your home.

Whats needed for an online session?

All you need is a laptop or phone you can use hands free, a good internet connection, video chat capabilities (Skype, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, FaceBook messenger) and a place you will be free from distractions for an hour or so.

What if we get disconnected whilst in an online session?

All safety precautions are covered before the session with suggestions to immediately come out of hypnosis if the connection goes down (even if this suggestion was not given you would naturally come out of hypnosis anyway).

Do i have to be local for a session?

No, because of the wonders of technology you can be anywhere in the world and still have a hypnotherapy session!

What are your prices? I can't see them anywhere, why can't you be upfront and not hide the price!  

I work differently to most other hypnotherapists and because of this you need to know the value of what you are getting before I let you know what my prices are. This isn't because my prices are too expensive or i want to hide them, this is so that you can make an informed decision when you know all the benefits. I wrote more info on my blog post HERE.

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