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PHOBIA plymouth

If you live in Plymouth and have a phobia you have come to the right place. 

i am on a mission to help the people of Plymouth become free of their phobias one person at a time. 


If you live in Plymouth and have a phobia you are probably aware there are thousands of therapists that you could seek out to help you. 



I am not from Plymouth, I am from Exeter. 

So why would you want to work on your phobia with a therapist that isn't Plymouth based? 

You may feel more comfortable working with someone that isn't based where you live. I know i do. 

I work 100% over zoom. So It doesn't matter where you are located in the world. We can work together from the comfort of your own home to resolve your phobia. 

With me there is no traveling on the train or busses needed and no parking. Just pick a suitable time and date for the session and thats it. 

So if you want to find out more click on the links below or book a free strategy call with me and we can go through everything. 

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