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Whenever i see a big news story about a phobia being cured using hypnotherapy it always amuses me when i see the comments saying “fake” or “what a load of rubbish”.

There are even some people who have phobias that actually get offended that people are claiming their issue can be resolved so quickly.

“How dare you say that my 40 year old phobia that i suffer with every day could be fixed in a few sessions of mumbo jumbo hypnotherapy.”

So i do understand when people have this set belief that what i do will not help them.

I sometimes struggle to believe the changes my clients experience myself too. It seems impossible that someone can go from a 10 out of 10 strong phobia to a 2 or 3 or even 0. Just within a few sessions. Its magical and amazing.

A lot of my clients simply believe they are different and that it just won’t work on them.

Until it does….. when i ask my clients to find the feeling of fear they so easily could find a few moments ago and they can’t. Running through all their triggers in their heads…. still nothing….

What i sell is not a tangible product. Its an idea…. its the idea that that feeling you have been feeling for so long…. that one in your stomach…. or chest. it can go.

Will it work on you? take advantage of my 1st session refund guarantee and let’s find out.

I don’t sell hypnotherapy……

I sell results.

and my results speak for themselves.

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